Letter of recommendation, introducing Dr. Stanislav F. Leykin, Ph. D.

To whom it may concern,

Stanislav Leykin is a well-known top level Russian scholar, martial artist, writer, and a trusted friend.

Born in 1965 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), USSR in a typical Soviet family, Stanislav started training in different Martial Arts at the age of 11, In included Soviet Sambo, Japanese Judo and Karate and later Chinese martial arts.

Dr. Leykin served his obligatory military service in the special unit of Soviet Air-born troops (artillery division) and practiced military version of short-range combat.

Studying in the Normal Herzen University (Dept. of History) Stanislav became a student of famous Russian sinologist – late professor E. A. Torchinov. He continued practicing Martial Arts – studying Chinese art of Kung-Fu and simultaneously learning Ancient Chinese language, history, and philosophy. Stanislav achieved his Ph. D degree in Education and Sports — St. Petersburg State Lesgaft University of Physical Education (1998). He continued to post-graduate program side by side with training of Chinese and other martial arts and fighting styles.

After he completed a university exchange program in the University of Maryland, USA, Dr. Leykin travelled for the first visit to China (1992). He later became a disciple of Shaolin Rev. Shi De-qian, rector and owner of China International Shaolin Temple wushu academy in the City of Dengfeng, Henan province, PRC. In total, Stanislav spent in China just over 12 years and reached 7 th duan in Chinese Wushu – Art of Qinna-Chin’na.

Dr. Leykin started to learn Krav Maga in 2001. We met first time in Finland during the chain of prolonged seminars, later that year he visited me in Israel and then decided to start Krav Maga promotion in Russia.

Dr. Leykin started the popularization and promotion of Krav Maga in Russia. First in in St. Petersburg and later in Moscow and other major cities. This included organizing the first Instructor Courses in Russia, building a team of Russian professional Krav Maga instructors together with myself, writing over 80 articles in the local press, translation of Krav Maga book, written by Imi and I, and more. During the years we have met and trained for long periods of time in Israel, Poland, China, and obviously Russia.

In the later years Dr. Leykin has been building a career in literature – both fiction and non-fiction. He is the author of 13 books, including Self-defense and short-range combat manual in China for law-enforcement units (together with 2 well-known Chinese experts, 1998), encyclopedia of Modern Chinese life “Chinese civilization” written together with Russian colleges – sinologists (2006), monography devoted to the history of Self-Defense methods and physical fitness used in the different special units in China, Soviet Union and Israel (2006), 10 books of fiction short stories, novels and poetry written in the different styles and manner. Two of Dr. Leykin’s books were awarded by special price in literature competition in Russia and Belarus (2018, 2022).

Stanislav is currently working as an author of scenario for the movie production and TV: scenarios based on his own novels (adventures, history, war drama, philosophical essays, animal stories, detective stories, fairy tales, poetry, etc.).

Considering our personal history, relationships and friendship, Stanislav’s high moral and values, personal characteristics, academic achievements and background, martial arts experience, military service in the special units, abilities, initiative, skills, talents, etc., I very highly recommend to co-operate with Dr. Stanislav Leykin, in the different lines, aspects and spheres of literature and martial arts.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding Dr. Leykin, if you wish to know more. My email address eyal@krav-maga.com and telephone +972-544-637271

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